1. Primary Goal is to be one of the firmest travel agent in the world with every staff can be part of an organization according to their times spending like the big tree extending its branches firmly.

2. Therefore, we shall have…
*Good management system, well organized, verifiable standards
*Good management and service team to do their best and responsible for their duties
*Good travel program entity offering the whole needs to high-end market

3. As team work, staffs shall have...
*Strong inspiration to achieve success
*Good attitude for being entrepreneur and always eager to learn
*Habit of giving, supporting, sharing, not a person coming for work without any thoughts of success

4. Our customer is VIP class, high potential of purchasing
Therefore, we have to offer the best services
Service beyond their expectations [Beyond]
Complete missions according to objectives [Close the deal]
in every job with the best quality to make customers share their impressions to others and come back for our services

5. Please start from today to take action, study, understand who we are
responsible the best for your own duties according to specified system to be perfect, be excellent
It is clear our purpose to come here for, what we need , what we will do and what it will be for.
What is our roles here, we shall proud of yourself and your family.

6. The method is prioritizing your responsible work
by recording always that …
Main job to do is?
Second job to do is?
Special job according to the aptitude is?
And prioritize the urgency of work, which one should be done first
It can always be consulted and discussed with the section chief.

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