Welcome to Chiang Mai, a captivating city in Northern Thailand, where ancient traditions and modern delights seamlessly merge. Explore timeless temples and witness centuries-old architecture. Immerse in art scenes, discover traditional crafts, and visit contemporary galleries.


Escape to lush landscapes and serene mountains for outdoor adventures. Experience warm hospitality, cultural exchanges, and festive traditions.


Chiang Mai captivates with its rich heritage and vibrant spirit, offering an unforgettable journey of ancient traditions and contemporary vibrancy.

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3. Term & Conditions for CMU PPCR 2023

- This rate is join-tour service and valid for minimum 6 adults traveling together.

- Type of vehicle used (van or bus) will depend on the group size.

- All reservations must be paid for 07 days in advance before tour commence.

- The reservation made later than 07 days must be checked for availability.

Please note that the tour rates (AMS01-06) are applicable to attendees of the 13th Pan-Pacific Conference on Rehabilitation (PPCR 2023) scheduled for 22-24 November 2023.

4. What Does a 'JOIN TOUR' Mean

In group tours, you will be sharing the guide and vehicle depending on the group size. The sightseeing and route are fixed so there is no flexibility or personalization with this type of tour. This can be a nice way of meeting people.

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