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1. Why to choose Thailand Luxury Tours?

Tourists can have flexible itinerary to best suit their preference 

Private tours mean you do not have to depend on other people like a group tour - you can customize your wish list as convenient and flexible as you want. Group tours with dozens of people cover a list of places and choices,  but some which may not be of your interest - It is such a waste of time and even not fulfill your wish.

You can design your own plan with friends or family vacation. 

Personal support to overcome cultural, language or any barriers in the new lands

When visiting new lands, communication with the locals will give you more chances to get closer to their culture including their customs, festivals, rituals, handicrafts or cuisines. And who will help you on that? Out Luxury Travel’s tour guides!

Private guides will be your interpreters in case you cannot understand and communicate in the local language, which will minimize the culture barriers and embarrassments, especially in limited time. 

Unique Experiences you can find nowhere else

Choosing a luxury trip operator is the only one way to personalize your vacation. As, a customized tour is the core value of Luxury Travel. Going on a customized tour means that every small detail of your trip is all designed and organized based on tourists’ preferences. All tourists need to do is just imagining their dream vacation, and luxury tour operation will do the rest.

Premium services throughout the tour

From personal tour guide to transportation and accommodation, a luxury tour can help you get the best of both worlds when enjoying the most luxurious facilities while, at the same time, traveling to untouched places where only locals know about. 

And if you have any problem, a Luxury Tour will always have their 24/7 support for you.

2. What are in a luxury Thailand tour packages?

Authentic experience that will blow your mind 

Thailand is famous for their crystal clear beaches and ancient, holy temples you can find no where else in this world. These are the most attractive places considering their historical or natural meanings. However, if you want to come to new places, just describe what types of places you want to go, luxury tour operator are always willing to put those place into your package.

Private & luxury transport throughout the trip

If you are in a luxury trip, you can consider and choose the most comfortable vehicle for your trip. For example, in Luxury Travel, we own modern fleet of vehicles from standards car to luxury Mercedes Benz. Private jets, yacht, helicopter and many luxury transportation are always willing to serve you!

Incredible services for your luxury holiday 

With 15 years of experience, Luxury Travel is confident to insist that our knowledgeable staff will be one of the best companions to your trips. Our outstanding staff will recommend you in finding the most wonderful itineraries based on your tastes and demands. 

High-end accommodation

Because of our longstanding relationship, our luxury tour operators’ suppliers will ensure you not only competitive price but also high-quality service. Luxury resort is not always coming with a hefty price. With our connect in the industry and effort of the tour guide, we are proud that Luxury Travel can recommend the most suitable hotels and resorts for their customers to build up reputation. 

Superb food and homeland food? Your choice!

There are risks of unsafe food, especially street food. Thailand is famous for their delicious and cheap street food, but you never know where the ingredients to cook these are. However, you can taste safe street food with the guide of experts from luxury tour operators. And In case you miss your homeland food, all you need to do is to ask your tour operator!

3. Benefits of luxury private tours to Thailand?

Unique experience from your very own desire

The most visible advantage that a luxury tour operator can bring to us is a unique tour. 

In Luxury Travel’s opinion, there is no common tour for everyone, every experience needs to follow tourists’ demand. Choosing a luxury trip operator is the only one way to personalize your vacation. In fact, in most of the tour, you will like some places in the schedule, some you do not, but you can not change any things because you have to follow other tourists on the tour. 

However, in luxury tours, all destinations are your choices! So, you are a luxury traveler, just tell the tour operator about what you want it to be. 

Price - “luxury” does not mean “expensive”

Many tourists think that luxury tour is expensive. It’s not true. In fact, Luxury Travel tour is not as expensive as you thought because we operate independently without any middlemen or third party. There is always the amount of money that you have to spend for the middlemen, however, with direct support from us - Luxury Travel, you can save that amount of money for the more important things. In addition, information directly from your operation will be clearer, more detailed and more sufficient. 

Flexible timeline to explore off the beaten path places 

Dotted with the rich history for centuries, Thailand remains its intact beauty in all areas of the country. All kinds of tourist attractions are available, islands, beaches, highlands, cultural heritages, temples, architecture structures or just local life exploration and cuisine tour are waiting for you to experience. 

4. Why to choose a luxury tour operator in Thailand?

Privacy at its finest

 Most of the tours in Luxury Travel are private. It means that the tours will be tailor-made for each tourist, not following any group, personalize as much as possible for all customers demand or hobby. 

Advice from local experts

To make your dream peak the highest satisfaction, we cannot deny the effort of local experts. Local experts are the one who extremely is knowledgeable about all destinations. They can take you to where other foreign travelers cannot know and even media cannot find. 

24/24 personal support

Some tour operators just serve in working hour. With time difference, many tourists have to wait until tour operators working hour to have support. That wastes a lot of time. In many cases, waiting is the reason for you to hesitate, procrastinate and delay your trip. Time of customer is inestimable. Therefore, we guarantee to give you 24/07 personalized support with one dedicated agent from A to Z and from beginning to the end. 

5. Visa Requirement to Thailand?

A tourist visa will be issued for tourism purposes only, which means tourists are not allowed to work or conduct business with it. The visa for tourism purpose will be expired within 30 or up to 60 days and foreigners can extend their visa at the nearest Immigration office for 1,900 Baht (this information is updated in June, 2019)

Tourists need to have a tourist visa if they plan to stay in this country longer than they are allowed (mentioned above) or their country has no visa exemption agreements with Thailand. For example, people coming from countries in the ASEAN organisation don’t need to have tourist visa if they intend to stay in Thailand within 30 days for tourism purpose.

6. Best time to visit Thailand?

Normally the best time to travel the country in a tropical area is when the weather is sunny and not so hot - Thailand is not excluded. The best time to go to Thailand is from November to April when it’s dry with the warm temperature hovering between 32 and 36 degrees and tourists can enjoy nine hours of sunshine per day without being soaked in sweat.

7. Top luxury experiences in Thailand?

There are a lot of luxurious services tourists can find in a country that never sleeps like Thailand. Let’s name the most prominent luxury experiences here:

  • Enjoy your cup of coffee while watching the skyline in Bangkok or dine at Michelin-starred restaurant 

Watching the sky at the top of a building is an experience that nothing can compare. So do not miss the chance to feel how it is to be on top of the world at rooftop bars of lavish hotels and skyrockets in Bangkok. Far away from the busy and noisy of the city, you will find peace looking at the blue sky, or watching an exclusive river cruise slowly making its way in the Chao Phraya River.

The famous Sky Bar in Bangkok is a popular place, but in this city, there are plenty more of fancy rooftops where tourists can enjoy their cup of coffee or glass of sip champagne under the gorgeous skyline of Thailand.

  • Explore the river and art district on a fancy river cruise 

With people who prefer the calm and peaceful atmosphere, you can book a boat tour on the King River to reach the Riverside Art District.

  • Visit historical sites and enchanting waterfalls of Tee Lor Su

The map may not show it, but with a guide, tourists can find the waterfall by locating the Tee Lor Su - a UNESCO protected heritage. On the Burmese border, you’ll find the Thung Yai Naresuan National Reserve, which encompasses the biggest wildlife corridor in Southeast Asia, home to tigers, elephants, and bears. Sounds like a night out in Bangkok, doesn’t it? But really, this is a far cry from the capital. 

  • Discover the unspoiled nature in Thailand’s National Park

Thailand is famous because it has many national parks throughout the whole country. So it is understandable that most people here treat Mother Nature with absolute respect. Many of the National Parks have their very own unique features or wild animals that need to be preserved. 

  • Relax in blissful beach paradise and spas in Phuket

What’s more, Thailand is heaven with many islands that provide tourists with all the vibes they are seeking out. Thailand has it all, from luxurious islands with fancy resorts and services to isolated ones that you can hardly find anyone else to interrupt your wonderful nap in a hammock on the shore.

And for people seeking out a relaxing getaway, Bangkok just might be the perfect answer because it is also called the capital of pampering. All the spa here is mainly rooted in ancient Thai techniques and traditions. So prepare yourself to an extremely progressive, with a wide variety of innovative therapies and cutting-edge wellness technology.

Thai massages are globally recognized, but there is more to it: Thai massage combined with Pilates, Tai Chi, and Yoga. Here, you can receive a wide variety of treatments. And all aim at the same goal: to balance your physical and spiritual.

8. Top Thailand Tourist Attractions?

Same as the luxury experiences, there are a lot of tourists attractions you can go in Thailand, depending on your preference. You are an adventurous person who loves to explore untouched lands, or sporty person who is fond of water sports, or you just want to take a nap in a hammock, get away from the crowd? Thailand has it all.  Here are some of the best tourist attractions in Thailand that we recommend: 

  • Jim Thompson House: This is used to be the home of a famous American silk entrepreneur and art collector. 
  • Wat Pho: This is the country’s center for public education with host of superlatives.
  • Sukhothai Historical Park: Many calls the Sukhothai Historical Park ruins one of Thailand’s most impressive historical sites. 
  • Chatuchak Weekend Market: This market is one of the largest markets in the world, with all goods you can think of: used shoes, vintage clothes to baby squirrels. 
  • Wat Phra Kaew: This complex is the heart of Thai Buddhism and the monarchy with its fantastic architectures. This temple symbols the country’s most holy image, the Emerald Buddha. 

9. World-famous heritages of Thailand?

Thailand has a lot of UNESCO-recognized heritages. Here are some of them that you may take interest in: 

  • Thungyai-Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuaries: these areas are two adjoining regions in protection. UNESCO recognized them as a World Heritage Site in Thailand in the year 1991 and it still remains popular until this day. The two areas cover 622,200 hectares of lands - the home to many wild and rare animals like wild buffalo, black leopards, rhinoceros & wild bulls. Tourists can also find villages Thailands tribal people there. 
  • Dong Phayayen-Khao Yai Forest Complex: The complex is around 615, 500 hectares in large and the home to more than 800 species, including the rare Asian elephants and Vogels pit viper. The Dong Phayayen-Khao Yai Forest Complex includes five areas under preservation: Thap Lan National Park, Ta Phraya National Park, Khao Yai National Park, Dong Yai Wildlife Sanctuary, and Pang Sida National Park. 
  • Sukhothai and Associated Historic Towns: The towns are believed to be built to protect the remnants of the cities of Sukhothai Kingdom. With their ancient temples and deep culture insight from local there, this is a big must in the visiting list for tourists who are fond of heritage sites. The associated towns are: Sukhothai Historical Park, Kamphaeng Phet Historical Park, and Si Satchanalai Historical Park.
  • Historic City of Ayutthaya: This city is significantly important to Thailands history. It was first founded by King Ramathibodi I in 1351 and 200 years later, be  captured by the Burmese. There is saying that the Buddha Head entwined in the roots at the Wat Mahathat Temple, but in fact, there are no clear records as to how it landed there.
  • Ban Chiang Archeological Site: UNESCO declared the site as a World Heritage Site in 1992. This site is famous for their red painted pottery. The marks of Asian agriculture run deep with their description of rice paddle, domestication of cattle and pigs along with the use and manufacture of metals. This world heritage site is perfect for art enthusiasts to pay a visit and absorb the ancient techniques as long as history there.

10. What are the most remarkable landmarks in Thailand?

Thailand has it all, from white-sand-beaches to ancient ruins of a destroyed kingdom. Below are the country’s most famous landmarks.

  • Prasat Hin Phimai: Built in the 11th century, this is one of the oldest and most significant temples in Thailand. Visitors can clearly see how significant and beautiful Khmer architecture is just by looking at this.
  • Bridge Over the River Kwai: This bridge was made of iron and a remnant of the Death Railway. People call it by that deadly name since the railway was built by World War II’s prisoners - a reminder of the war’s tragedy and loss.
  • White Temple: Many agree that this is one of the most fascinating and spectacular landmarks in Thailand for the unique outlook that White Temple has. However, the Temple was built in 1997, not some good-preserved ancient temple you can find in many places in Thailand.
  • James Bond Island: The name says it all: people used to film the movie James Bond on this island and the original name, Khao Phing Kan was changed ever since. 
  • Sukhothai Historical Park: Sukhothai used to be Thailand’s capital. So, you can see what remains of this ancient city with most structures date back to the 13th and 14th centuries.
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